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What’s important to you:  Provide visibility of the student's location and progress. Report on specific student dates for instructors.

LEVEL 1 Onboarding
  • You can see each student's start date & current planned end date based on the syllabus standard you have set. 

  • You can see who is ahead or behind.

  • You can easily filter and isolate student information into groups for easy analytics. 

  • You can track the dates students need to do special events

  • You can see how many Instructors and Aircraft are required.

  • You can see how many hours are generated by these students.

  • Your team can login and all see exactly the same information.

  • Who needs to receive the Level 1 training outlined above? 

  • Who is the person that will complete the Ongoing Level 1 tasks? 

  • Who is the Level 2 user?

  • What is the best structure for your ATPL and MPL courses (end to end phases vs  flags?)

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