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About Us

With a passion for Flight Training and decades of experience in the industry, the team at Aeroplanned have come together to help improve the status quo for all involved in the Flight Training world.

Business analytics and data-driven insights have improved the efficiency of almost every industry, but for the information to be of any use, it must be relevant data that is extracted and applied in the right combinations. Aeroplanned is the first product to accurately predict your future activities using our unique algorithms and has come from years of investigation and testing at locations around the world.

With these insights we believe everyone involved in Flight Training can benefit. Students can enjoy continuous, steady training, with a transparent end-date, Flight Instructors will have a manageable workload and understand their own planned progression, the Finance team can construct an achievable budget for maximum results, Maintenance teams can better plan their checks with the forecast demand, the Operations team can construct the daily schedule with all the required components, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, Selection – all will benefit from having these relevant insights. Of course, the impact of all this is improved financial results, again, to the benefit of all.

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Meet the Team

Jen Liddle Founder and CEO of Aeroplanned

Founder and CEO

Jen Liddle

A love of flying, solving problems, and data analytics has guided Jen into founding Aeroplanned.

From Student to Senior Management, at locations around the world, Jen has developed a deep understanding of the Flight Training industry.

She is passionate about using her capabilities to make a positive impact on the global aviation community.

Jacquie Udyavar Co-Founder of Aeroplanned
Jacquie Udyavar 


Jacquie’s journey in Aviation started with a chance meeting at a Helicopter tourism company, over the following 20 years she has worked with Helicopter and Fixed Wing operations around the world in all manner of operational roles.

She is passionate about converting tricky problems into achievable plans that improve the lives of everyone involved. 

Will Berger Technical Co-Founder of Aeroplanned
Will Berger

Technical Co-Founder

Will is the technology expert in the team and brings an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in building a successful software company. Will’s previous venture was co-founder of a software solution now being used by more than 55,000 customers worldwide, so he certainly understands the value of using technology to solve challenging problems within an industry.

Ryan Baker Advisor and Investor at Aeroplanned
Ryan Baker

Adviser / Investor

As founder and ex-CEO of the hugely successful software company Timely, Ryan brings extensive knowledge and experience to the Aeroplanned team in his advisory role.


Justin Hughes Advisor at Aeroplanned
Justin Hughes


Justin works as a strategic adviser to senior leadership teams; he has a wide breadth of global corporate,
entrepreneurial and aviation experience. Justin is passionate about mitigating bias in building high-performance learning organisations.

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