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Aeroplanned and FlightLogger Join Forces to Revolutionise Flight Training Management

Aeroplanned, the pioneering resource planning platform for flight training, and FlightLogger, the world's most innovative flight training management software, are delighted to announce a strategic collaboration aimed at transforming the aviation training landscape.

Aeroplanned, headquartered in New Zealand, introduced its groundbreaking flight training resource planning solution to the global market in March 2023. This innovative platform has gained significant momentum, earning recognition from prestigious clients worldwide. Aeroplanned is on a mission to streamline and enhance the pilot training pipeline, creating transparency and efficiency within the industry through highly effective planning.

FlightLogger, with over 88,000 registered users and a presence in 46 countries, achieves excellence in the management of daily flight training operations. Its comprehensive central operation management tool simplifies scheduling, tracks training, flight records, maintenance and other key factors, and facilitates internal communication, offering a holistic solution for flight schools.

The Collaboration:

Aeroplanned and FlightLogger, each excelling in their respective domains, have united their strengths to offer customers a groundbreaking synergy. While FlightLogger manages the day-to-day operations, Aeroplanned focuses on forecasting. The collaboration enables mutual customers to integrate both platforms, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

With a simple data transfer from FlightLogger to Aeroplanned, customers can now experience quick synchronisation of flight student progress, recalibrated plans, and resource requirements. The integration between Aeroplanned and FlightLogger is a critical step in bridging the gap between planning and execution, particularly as the demand for pilots continues to grow.

Jen Liddle, CEO of Aeroplanned, stated, "Our collaboration with FlightLogger is an exciting first step towards our vision of a streamlined and efficient pilot training pipeline. Together, we are creating transparency and ensuring an excellent experience for students and flight schools."

Kenneth Jeppesen, CEO of FlightLogger is also excited about the collaboration: "Aeroplanned's integration reinforces our commitment to offering flight schools a tailored solution. We focus on excellence in our core business and collaborate with specialists like Aeroplanned who offer the same excellence within their area. This empowers flight schools to optimise their operations with the best-in-class tools, ensuring success."

The Aeroplanned and FlightLogger collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey, with plans to extend and deepen the integration in the future. This partnership is set to redefine the aviation training industry by providing unprecedented insights and operational efficiency to flight schools.

For more information about this collaboration, please contact Jen Liddle at

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