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Aeroplanned Partners with Global Giant, Airways Aviation

Aeroplanned and Airways Aviation Group proudly announce their strategic partnership aimed at elevating global flight training standards.

In response to the escalating demand for pilots worldwide, Airways Aviation Group has a rapidly expanding network, currently spanning 12 locations globally offering a wide set of training capabilities.

With this expansion, and a global network, Airways Aviation faces distinct operational requirements, a challenge Aeroplanned is delighted to help address. With Airways Aviation diverse locations, and each base delivering different programs with unique flying conditions, Aeroplanned allows each base to operate with their own individually configured platform, whilst providing standardised reporting to ensure management have consistent, relevant data to make the best possible decisions.

Aeroplanned's innovative platform empowers users at each location to accurately track student progress and strategically plan remaining training to achieve targets. With all the data in one place, Aeroplanned enables Airways Aviation global team to access consistent reporting on student performance metrics, including on-time performance, any anticipated delays, and proactive measures to address any issues.

As Airways Aviation continues to expand and enrolment of student pilots grows annually, Aeroplanned’s software also proactively identifies available capacity and flags potential resource bottlenecks. This critical information, along with the ability to quickly run scenarios, ensures optimal resourcing decisions are made well in advance.

Jen Liddle, CEO of Aeroplanned, is delighted to embark on this journey with Airways Aviation: “Collaborating with the Airways team is an exciting prospect. We're dedicated to meeting the needs of each of their bases as well as their overarching management, ensuring collective oversight for optimal results. Airways Aviation unique operating model presents a fascinating challenge, and we're committed to contributing to its success."

Alexandre Alves, Global COO & CCO of Airways Aviation, highlights Aeroplanned's significance in enhancing operational visibility: "At Airways Aviation, informed decisions hinge on comprehensive insights from each of our bases. Aeroplanned will deliver this seamlessly. As we continue to expand, having visibility years into the future is pivotal for strategic expansion, planning and delivering what our extensive B2B and B2C customer base needs. We're thrilled to embark on this journey with Aeroplanned that started early this year in our operation in Australia and it’s now being implemented in France and soon throughout our network."

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