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Infinity Flight Group and Aeroplanned: Soaring Towards Excellence Together

At Aeroplanned, we're constantly seeking extraordinary partnerships, and we're thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Infinity Flight Group, based at the Trenton Airport in New Jersey.


Quietly making waves on the East Coast, Infinity shines with an impressive fleet of over 55 aircraft, establishing themselves as the top professional flight training provider in the northeast. Their commitment to excellence stands out through prestigious programs, such as the American Airlines Cadet Academy program and their partnership with Mercer County Community College, where accuracy and punctuality are crucial.


President Greg John's enthusiasm for our partnership speaks volumes: "Aeroplanned fills a vital role in our complex training setup. Its ability to personalize programs, manage unique breaks, and oversee various milestones ensures our consistent dedication to delivering the best possible training for our customers. This technology is a game-changer for us, and we're eager to leverage these insights for even better outcomes for both our internal and external stakeholders."


For us at Aeroplanned, collaborating with flight schools that understand the importance of on-time training is key. Infinity’s dedication aligns seamlessly with our mission to innovate flight training resource planning, ensuring not only timely delivery but also enhancing quality, reputation, and financial results.


It's a real privilege to collaborate with like-minded partners committed to excellence. We’re excited for the journey ahead and the positive changes we'll achieve together.

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