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Leading Technical Co-Founder Jen Liddle and Jacquie Udyavar are delighted to welcome Will Berger.

Jen Liddle and Jacquie Udyavar are delighted to welcome Will Berger, as Technical Co-Founder, to the Aeroplanned team.

Will Berger

Two years into the Aeroplanned journey, Will Berger says he is looking forward to bringing his extensive expertise in building a global SAAS company, to take this innovative NZ aviation tech company to the next level.

“I'm so excited to join Aeroplanned, I couldn't pass up the chance to join such a smart team, with the opportunity to create an industry changing product.

My passion is in using technology to solve challenging problems that unlock value, and with Aeroplanned, I think we have an amazing opportunity to have a real positive influence on the flight training industry.”

Will has joined Aeroplanned after more than 10 years as Co-Founder of the hugely successful software company Timely. With the experience of taking Timely from a start-up to a globally recognised product, with over 55,000 users worldwide, Will brings incredible knowledge and technical skills to the Aeroplanned founding team.

Aeroplanned takes complex information critical to flight schools and transforms it into simple, clear insights. This supports decision makers to see future opportunities and issues, and to take early action to save time and money.

Jen Liddle says they already have a number of early adopters, including Skyborne and Air Hawkes Bay, enjoying the 3-year visibility that Aeroplanned provides.

“Welcoming Will Berger as Co-Founder transforms our next evolution of taking Aeroplanned to the world.”
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