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Skyborne Enjoying Early Advantage of Industry Leading Software

Aeroplanned Celebrates Early Success with Global Customers


Aeroplanned Celebrates Early Success with Global Customers

Aeroplanned is a leading, cloud-based platform, that provides flight schools visibility of the future so they can amplify their outcomes. Following two years of extensive design and development, the Aeroplanned software is now supporting a number of delighted early adopters, including industry-leaders Skyborne Aviation Group. Ian Cooper, COO at Skyborne says “It’s great to be working with the Aeroplanned team who have a wealth of operational experience which is reflected in the tool design and user experience. It’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into this, and we look forward to implementing Aeroplanned across our growing network”. Aeroplanned takes complex information critical to flight schools and transforms it into simple, clear insights. This supports decision makers to see future opportunities and issues, and to take early action to save time and money. Jen Liddle says the early adopters to the platform are enjoying the 3-year visibility that Aeroplanned provides. Jen and Jacquie both have over 20 years background in flight training and planning, in a number of global locations. Jen says throughout that time it was evident to them that the industry would benefit significantly from an effective future planning tool. “Outside of clunky excel spreadsheets, we could see no future planning tool available for flight training, so we’ve spent over 2 years designing and creating this product to ensure it is accurate and intelligent, but also simple to interpret and adjust.” Aeroplanned has previously announced two other early Flight School adopters; UK based FTA Global and New Zealand based International Aviation Academy of New Zealand.

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