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Skyborne, Vero Beach, enjoy the unique customisation of the Aeroplanned software

Aeroplanned’s Jen and Jacquie recently made the trip to Florida to spend time with the Skyborne team at Vero Beach to commence the onboarding phase and ensure the software was set up to deliver maximum value to the multi-base flight school.


The Aeroplanned platform has recently been modified to so that it is possible to fully customize the resource types within the software, so as part of the onboarding process Jen and Jacquie learnt more about the operation and the different ways the Skyborne team need to see the data.

Founder and CEO, Jen, recognises this is a critical part of the Aeroplanned solution; “Our experience in the industry has shown us that for the plan to be useful and meaningful, the data must be shown in a way that is relevant to that specific school”.

With this customisation Aeroplanned clearly shows the user where there is a shortfall or an excess of a type of resource, whether that’s an EASA Instructor or a Piper Arrow. Decisions can then be made to remove any bottlenecks well in advance, or at times where resource is planned to be under-utilized, Aeroplanned allows the user to adjust the plan to increase the utilization to optimal levels.

Captain Ed Davidson, Skyborne’s Managing Director at Vero Beach recognised and appreciated the importance of the customization of the Aeroplanned software;

“Unlike many other software companies who expect you to fit your operation around their product, Aeroplanned took the time to understand our unique business model and then adapt their product to meet our needs. Clearly, their focus is on high performance, not just a sale.”
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