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Taking Flight Together: Aeroplanned Joins Forces with CAE for Enhanced Pilot Training

Updated: May 14

This announcement means the world to us here at Aeroplanned as we team up with one of our industry idols, CAE.

As a global leader in pilot training, CAE trains more pilots than any other organization, while upholding the highest standards of safety and quality. As we start our journey with the industry-giant we are delighted to be working with the aviation academies in the US and across Europe to help connect their inter-Atlantic training programs.

It's been such a pleasure working with David Morse and Jon Micetic to get this partnership underway, and during that time, we've seen firsthand why they excel.

The level of care and insight they have into their complex operation, their respect for their customers, and their dedication to ensuring that safety and quality are not just spoken words, but deeply ingrained in their culture, are truly remarkable. We were fortunate to spend time with the team recently at the Phoenix academy, and the whole operation exudes those values.

For us here at Aeroplanned, partnering with CAE is a significant step towards unifying the pilot training industry. Our software offers transparent, precise tracking of student progress and provides visibility of the necessary resources for on-time completion.

With CAE leading the way in airline cadet programs, accurate progress tracking is essential, and we’re delighted to contribute this vital information to elevate CAE even further.

From the outset of our journey, we recognized the importance of having industry partners who endeavor to provide the best possible experience for their students and stakeholders. These partnerships empower and inspire us, and propel us towards our goal of revolutionizing pilot training.

We are truly honored and excited to embark on this journey with CAE and can’t wait for the path ahead.

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