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Unlocking Success: Aeroplanned's First Super User

Introducing our first ‘Super User’ of Aeroplanned – Myles Wilson, the Fleet and Training Planning Officer at Skyborne Aviation.

Based in the UK at Skyborne’s Gloucestershire base, Myles is the mastermind behind managing student movements between the UK and Vero Beach, all while seamlessly incorporating UK-only-based training. It's a complex puzzle, and Myles has skilfully utilised Aeroplanned to bring it all together. His exceptional proficiency with the software has earned him the title of our inaugural Aeroplanned Super User.

Our journey with Skyborne began over a year ago when they became our first international customer in late 2022. Myles, being one of the earliest adopters of Aeroplanned, has witnessed the product's remarkable evolution. At every stage, he's not only embraced new features but also provided invaluable insights and suggestions for ongoing development.

For us here at Aeroplanned, seeing the product come to life and deliver outstanding results has been such a buzz. The most recent stand-out of this was when Myles talked us through how he used Aeroplanned to optimise the plan, reducing delays and providing students with confident end-dates.

“The extraordinary power of Aeroplanned lies in its comprehensive data analysis and scenario planning capabilities. By using the software, we've achieved unparalleled efficiency in resource utilisation by smoothing out predicted peaks and troughs in training. As part of this, we've set accurate and achievable plans for each student, reducing delays and providing students with clarity in their schedules. This has resulted in a remarkable reduction in inquiries at my door—a clear sign that the software is effective in improving and streamlining our training operations”

Having a 'Myles' positively impact a student's journey while optimising precious resources aligns perfectly with our vision for Aeroplanned. We are immensely grateful to the Skyborne team for putting their faith in Aeroplanned. And Myles - it's such a pleasure to see you taking Aeroplanned to new heights, it's truly rewarding to witness the benefits making a meaningful difference for everyone involved.

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