Providing future visibility to amplify your outcomes

Based in a deep understanding of the Flight Training industry, Aeroplanned converts your complex data into clear, meaningful insights to enable highly effective decision making.

With this critical information at your fingertips, you’ll maximise your outputs, reduce costs and your entire team will be empowered to easily deliver better future outcomes.

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A streamlined and efficient daily operation is achieved when you have the right aircraft, the right people, the right students - all at the right time.

With Aeroplanned’s unique and accurate insights, you can plan your resources and sales targets months, even years, in advance and proactively deal with change so that by the time that daily schedule is put together all the required elements are there for optimum output.

Why Choose Aeroplanned?


Maximise your Output

  • Set sales targets to maximise your resource utilisation

  • Adjust your planned training to match your unique seasonal variations

  • Reduce bottlenecks and ensure continuous training through your pipeline​

  • Run multiple scenarios to see the impact of changes, compare and implement the best solution

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Reduce Costs

  • Spend your money exactly where it needs to be spent

  • Smooth out peaks and troughs of training and avoid adding unnecessary resource

  • Hire and upgrade Flight Instructors at the right time

  • Avoid aircraft sitting around by leasing or buying aircraft only when they are required

  • With transparent student end dates book accommodation, travel and visas with confidence

Make it Easier for Everyone to deliver better Outcomes

  • Align your team with one source of the truth

  • Set meaningful and standardised KPI’s

  • Save time and enhance communication by replacing siloed, clunky spreadsheets with our innovative software


  • Set an optimised and achievable budget and easily track changes as they occur

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Effectively Manage your Students’ journey

  • Give your students insight into their planned training and end-dates

  • Ensure sufficient resource is available for your students to receive continuous training

  • Manage the planned events-per-week for your students so they progress at an optimal pace

  • Managing Airline cadet programs is simple and transparent



"We have been hugely impressed with the insights Aeroplanned extracted from our own data and look forward to turning those into operational efficiencies and financial savings"

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Aeroplanned’s innovative resourcing solution is already improving performance for its launch customers. 

There are just a few slots remaining in the next round of Flight Training Schools to be onboarded.

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