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Resource planning software for flight schools that helps you see the future

Based in a deep understanding of the flight training industry, Aeroplanned quickly and easily converts your complex data into clear, meaningful insights to enable highly effective decision making.

Aeroplanned software

Aeroplanned is an innovative cloud-based platform providing flight schools with visibility of their 3-year forecasted activities including:

Planned Hours

Student Numbers

Student Progress, including delays and projected end-date

Aircraft and Simulators: Required and Available

Instructors: Required and Available


A streamlined and efficient daily operation is achieved when you have the right aircraft, the right people, the right students - all at the right time.

With Aeroplanned’s unique and accurate insights, you can plan your resources and sales targets months, even years, in advance and proactively deal with change so that by the time that daily schedule is put together all the required elements are there for optimum output.

Aeroplanned has been developed to assist flight schools effectively manage three critical issues:

1. How can we operate our resources more efficiently?

Aeroplanned allows you to match your training to your resources, and with 3 years of visibility there is plenty of lead time to ensure you are making the best decision. * Identify and remove bottlenecks, smooth out peaks and troughs for optimal delivery of training * Recruit and upgrade instructors when they are needed * Lease or buy aircraft at the right time to avoid expensive assets sitting on the ground * Set sales targets and planned training to maximize your results

2. How can we ensure our students receive continuous, well-paced training and finish on-time?

Aeroplanned allows you to set and adjust your students' planned training and displays their resulting timeline, current delays and expected end-date. At all times you can quickly see if you have the required resources to deliver that plan. * Lock-in a student’s end-date and Aeroplanned will show you what is required to achieve it * Managing cadet programs is simple * Plan accommodation, travel, and visas with confidence * Provide reliable and clear communication with your customers * With the ability to see when exams will occur you can book examiners early

3. How can we construct and implement an accurate and effective mid-to-long term plan when there is so much change?

Changes are happening all the time at a flight training school. Aeroplanned ensures everyone is kept up to speed as the plan can be quickly amended and the impact seen across all areas. * Changes to sales targets, updated recruitment numbers, a school closure, prolonged poor weather, grounded aircraft, students requiring a retake of ground-school – just update the information and assess the outcomes. * Run multiple scenarios within the software to see the impact of changes, compare and implement the best solution * React quickly and accurately to sales opportunities

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Gloucestershire, UK

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"It’s great to be working with the Aeroplanned team who have a wealth of operational experience which is reflected in the tool design and user experience."

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