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  • Aeroplanned is new ... and different
    No other software provides flight training schools the forecasting capabilities of Aeroplanned. Our software has been specifically designed and developed to effectively manage the mid-to-long term planning of a flight training operation. We launched in 2022 to our early adopter customers at global locations, and following fantastic feedback we are now ready to release this innovative software to the next group of forward-thinking flight schools.
  • Spreadsheets can’t deliver the same benefits as Aeroplanned
    The team at Aeroplanned have conducted mid-to-long term planning on spreadsheets at flight schools around the world for many years. The limitations of using spreadsheets, the disconnected information, lack of visibility, confusing version control, the time it takes to effectively update any changes … all this frustration and inefficiency led us to build this solution for the industry. So many other industries have resource optimization and forecasting software available, we think it’s time for the flight training industry to enjoy the same benefits that only software can provide.
  • Aeroplanned is not a Training Management System (TMS)
    It’s likely that your flight school is using a TMS to manage your day-to-day operations. Aeroplanned does not directly manage daily activities, it is forecasting software to allow you to optimize your activities months, even years in advance. Aeroplanned helps ensure you have the right number of aircraft and instructors at the right time and gives you the ability to adjust the training plan well in advance to maximize utilization of resources. Aeroplanned therefore works in harmony with a TMS - by the time the training reaches your daily schedule it has already been streamlined for maximum output.
  • Aeroplanned is a product that can be used by many different people in your organization
    Sales, recruitment, instructor upgrades, maintenance, finance, operations - anyone who is currently conducting planning activities at your flight school can use Aeroplanned to deliver better outcomes in less time. Executive management can set and track standardized targets, and with transparent information, communication is straightforward, improving the experience for both customers and staff. As Aeroplanned is cloud-based software, you can all be using the platform at the same time. No waiting for someone else to log-out or trying to hunt down the most recent version.
  • Effective mid-to-long term planning can save significant costs and increase your revenue
    What is the cost of a new aircraft? Do you know if you really need it or could you use the current fleet more efficiently? What is the cost of an instructor upgrade? Can it be done at a later stage or will that lead to delayed students? What are all the associated costs of your students not achieving their scheduled end-date? The extra accommodation, changes to travel plans, extensions to visas, possibly the knock-on effect to another base, frustrated customers, lost contracts … Do you know if your sales targets can be increased? Would winning contracts be easier if you could quickly and accurately run scenarios and then provide potential customers with the confidence of consistent on-time delivery? With Aeroplanned’s accurate forecasting and the ability to optimize the utilization of your resources we believe, when used to its full potential, the financial benefits can be seen in almost every area of your operation.
  • Aeroplanned is tailored to your operation
    Your resources, the programs you deliver, your customers, the environment you operate in all make your flight school unique and must be considered if you are to construct and implement an accurate, relevant mid-to-long term plan. Aeroplanned has been designed so that the software is configured for your operation.
  • We love learning about different flight training operations
    We’ve seen a lot of different operations across the world, and we closely understand many of the challenges flight training schools face. Aeroplanned has been designed with all that knowledge and experience, but we’re learning new things every time we talk to a different flight school and we really enjoy seeing how we can constantly improve our product to meet specific needs.
  • Pricing is available on request
    Our pricing structure consists of a one-off configuration fee and an on-going monthly subscription. We are looking to move to published pricing in the near future but at this early stage, please just get in touch.
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