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Aeroplanned Visit New Customer Cirrus Aviation During Time in Florida

The Aeroplanned team were warmly welcomed by the exceptional team at Cirrus Aviation at their Sarasota base.

Aeroplanned visiting Cirrus Aviation

It was brilliant for Aeroplanned Co-founders, Jen and Jacquie to spend time with Aeroplanned's newest customer, Cirrus Aviation, during their time in Florida. Cirrus is an industry-leading pilot school based in Sarasota training both international and domestic students. Their passion for flying and delivering high quality training is evident in everything they do, and Aeroplanned is delighted to bring Cirrus into their growing customer base.

As the flight training industry attempts to keep up with the huge increase in required pilots, flight schools need to be planning their training in the most effective way. Nayda Cattin, Cirrus Director, has felt this surge in demand;

“we have reached capacity in every area of our operation and now we want to move to work as efficiently as possible whilst delivering the highest quality training, and we can see how Aeroplanned will help us with this”.

This was a great way to finish the short onboarding process and Nayda was impressed with how straightforward it was to implement the software at their operation; "The onboarding has been surprisingly easy and fast, and working with Aeroplanned has been a pleasure through and through. Looking forward to integration of the product into our processes and a long-lasting professional relationship that we enjoy ... thank you ladies!"

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