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Aeroplanned Welcomes New Investor

Timely Co-Founder Andrew Schofield joins the Aeroplanned team

Andrew in aircraft

Following fantastic early traction as Aeroplanned enters the market, the Aeroplanned team is delighted to welcome a new investor, Andrew Schofield, onboard. Aeroplanned's Founder and CEO Jen Liddle is thrilled with the addition of Andrew to the team; "As we work towards our goal of transforming the way planning is done in the pilot-training industry, Andrew’s fit into the team couldn’t be more perfect, demonstrated by our time together on Friday tearing around the beautiful Bay of Plenty in Andrew’s aircraft."

As Co-founder and former CTO of Timely, Andrew brings a huge amount of knowledge and experience of all things tech, but with a love of aviation and spending last year gaining his commercial pilot’s licence, Andrew also deeply understands the issue Aeroplanned is working to solve.

With Will Berger and Ryan Baker, also Timely Co-founders, already part of Aeroplanned, the addition of Andrew brings this incredibly successful trio back together to help take another industry-leading software solution to the world.

Jen says; "Will and Ryan have had such an incredible impact on Aeroplanned, in different ways, and meeting Andrew at a time when we were looking for what will hopefully be our last round of investment, it all just slotted into place. The investment stabilises our future plans, but the injection of another brilliant person into the team just makes the whole thing even more fun as we build momentum in these early stages of introducing Aeroplanned to the world."

Welcome to the team Andrew!

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