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New Zealand Flight School setting the standard with Aeroplanned

New Zealand Flight School
Aeroplanned’s New Zealand Early Adopter Customer, The International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (IAANZ) spends the day with Aeroplanned’s Jacquie Udyavar to further maximise the benefits the software provides.

New to the market, the Aeroplanned software offers an innovative solution for mid-to-long term planning for flight training schools. The relationship with their Early Adopter customers, in global locations, has helped to further shape the product and as a result the software is getting better by the day! With so much of Aeroplanned’s business being conducted on-line, it was a great experience for Jacquie to spend the day in-person with customers and work with the IAANZ ( New Zealand Flight School) team to enhance their outcomes. "Jacquie Udyavar from Aeroplanned is here today at IAANZ providing training to the team and setting IAANZ up for a win with their innovative resourcing software. We’re excited to take our flight training organisation to the next level! Another step towards becoming the gold standard in pilot training."

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